The Perfect Ohio Office Space at a Perfect Price

When you own a small business you need to create a big image. The best way to do that on a budget is to rent Ohio office space from Perfect Small Office.

PSO Man Accountant The Perfect Ohio Office Space at a Perfect PriceAt Perfect Small Office, we believe that small business owners have big potential. To tap into this potential, we offer office spaces that will expand as your business starts to take off. If the cost of leasing an office space is what is thwarting your success, see how Perfect Small Office is the perfect solution. We offer floor plans that are suitable for start-ups, and for businesses than have built a solid customer base. See how you can save money without affecting your image, and choose the right Ohio Office Space for you.


You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Location for Affordability

When you’re looking for office space, one of the first things you do is price rentals based on location. Businesses in Ohio will generally pay higher rents to lease in a high-traffic location, where their office will be seen.

As you know, exposure is what makes your business. If you want increased exposure without paying an inflated cost, you can lease from Perfect Small Office and find the perfect small office in the perfect location.

We offer the best locations at the lowest prices. One of our 7 locations will be suitable to not only meet your needs, but to exceed them.


Our Wonderful Locations

Small Office Ohio Cincinnati1 The Perfect Ohio Office Space at a Perfect PriceOur three-story facilities in Beckett are in the heart of West Chester. With on-site management and a campus-style setting, our Beckett location is perfect for businesses who want to thrive. The Beechmont facility is located on Beechmont Avenue for businesses who want to build a reputation on the eastern side of Cincinnati. If you want to build brand awareness in Blue Ash, our Blue Ash Office Center is in a central location on Reed Hartman Highway. If Springdale has always been your target, join other thriving businesses in our Springdale Center and put your office in the center of the Tri-County Business District. We also offer lovely offices in Mason, Florence, and in Carmel for businesses who want to expand into the borders of Indiana.


Floor Plans Designed For Your Business

Floor Plan Ohio Small Office The Perfect Ohio Office Space at a Perfect PriceAs you know, floor plans are not one-size-fits-all. When you choose an Ohio office space, one of the biggest considerations you will make is in relation to the floor plan.

When you rent our offices, you don’t have to pay for space you don’t need. If you know you have what it takes to expand, you can lease a smaller space until you’re ready to move up, and then select a larger office space when your income increases.

We understand that one of your biggest expenses is paying for your office space. We want to help by reducing your operating expenses, and by reducing the amount you pay monthly for rent. This is why we offer 5 different floor plans that range in size and price.


Which Office Space Suits You Best?

Executive Suite The Perfect Ohio Office Space at a Perfect PriceExecutive Suite floor plans are perfect for a one man office. When you move on to hiring an employee for assistance, our Standard Single suite is the perfect upgrade. If you need privacy in your office, you can select the Split Single suite and cut yourself off from the entrance area.

The Double Suite floor plan will double your space and offer you 4 different office areas, so your team members will have their own space. As you move up the ladder, you can upgrade to the Triple Suite that comes with 5 offices and a waiting room/front desk area. As you can see, your options are not limited with Perfect Small Office.


Our Additional Services Will Reduce Your Expenses

The low cost of rent and the location of our office space should be enough to entice you. But we also believe in reducing your operational costs by offering additional services.

Our design team will help you create a functional and comfortable Ohio office space. We also offer furniture available for rent if you do not have the capital you need to invest in your office furniture. You can eliminate the need for a copier with our free copier room and you can skip the coffee shop with our Conference Facility on site. With Perfect Small Office, you get more than just Ohio office space.

We believe in full disclosure. Because of this, we have a full price list available on our website, so you can see just how affordable our prices are. If you are looking for the best location at the lowest price, look no further than Perfect Small Office!

Visit or email us directly at to schedule your tour today. If you have any questions or you prefer speaking with a management professional directly, call 513-301-0701 and let us help you in your mission to succeed.

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