Cincinnati Office Space for Lease – Why Complicate Matters?

DSCF3770 Cincinnati Office Space for Lease   Why Complicate Matters?When you’re searching for a Cincinnati office space for lease, do not pick the first office space you find unless it’s located in a Perfect Small Office center.
When you’re a tenant, you can be selective with the office space you choose because you have the right to reject a lease if it doesn’t protect your interests. A lease is not just a formality; it’s a legal document that explains what you have to pay, when you have to pay it, and the terms and conditions you must follow to keep your office space.

If you’re looking for a simple lease that’s easy to understand without a background in law, lease your office space from The Perfect Small Office. See why wise business owners choose The Perfect Small Office, and make a choice that will push you closer to success.


Take the Complexities Out of Leasing

, you may feel more like you’re applying for a mortgage when you’re presented with a rental application that’s the size of a novel! But you’re choosing to rent your office space because you don’t want to deal with the responsibilities you would take on if you were buying.

There’s no need to complicate the leasing process with thick applications and leases full of legal jargon that not even a lawyer can fully comprehend. The Perfect Small Office offers a simple, one-page lease, so you don’t have to complicate things when you’re renting. You’ll understand how much you have to pay, when your rent is due, what amenities are offered in the lease, and your rights as a tenant, so you can stay protected.


Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Business

Office spaces are not one-size-fits-all. When you’re choosing your Cincinnati office space for lease, you need to consider the type of floor plan you need to be productive.

A one man office may not need a reception area or extra offices in their suite. A larger office may need several separated rooms so clients get the privacy they need when they’re doing business with their agent.

You should always compare floor plans and layouts, and picture the ideal office in your head. The Perfect Small Office offers 5 different floor plans that are suitable for just about any business:

  • The Executive Suite: Great for a one man office
  • The Standard Single: Suitable for a 2 person office
  • The Split Single: Perfect for a reception area or a private two man office
  • The Double Suite: Double the space so your 3 employees will have their own office plus a reception area
  • The Triple Suite: 5 separate offices and a walk-in reception area.

Make sure to review pictures of each of the floor plans. When you choose a smaller Cincinnati office space for lease, you can take advantage of short-term and flexible lease options. This means that you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your suite when you need to, so you can expand or downsize.

With The Perfect Small Office, you never have to pay for space you don’t need, and you never have to pay for lease cancellation fees because you need more space before your lease is up.


Onsite Management and Maintenance for Peace of Mind

shutterstock 26738776 Cincinnati Office Space for Lease   Why Complicate Matters?Emergencies happen. If you need to speak with your landlord, you know how difficult it can be to get them on the phone.

You should look for a property that is managed by a professional property management agency. When you have a professional property manager to contact, you never have to worry about taking on the burden of maintaining your office.

The Perfect Small Office is not only professionally managed, there is an onsite property manager at each center during business hours. This means that you can address any issues you’re having with your space, or make inquiries when you report to work Monday through Friday. No extra stops and no voicemails. Each site also has its own onsite maintenance team so plumbing leaks, electricity issues, and technical issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

If it’s your first time leasing an office space, you may need help choosing the right Cincinnati office space for lease. Stop searching the Internet for office spaces, and choose the premier office provider in Cincinnati.

Contact the onsite management team and schedule your property tour today, so you can see how inviting the campus-style setting is. Email the team directly ator call the office direct at 513-301-0701.

When you finish your property tour, you’ll be ready to sign the simple one-page lease so you can move in immediately!

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